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The JCC Maccabi Games are not an effort of any one group, organization, or program. The Games are a celebration of our entire community as we come together to strengthen our identity, engage volunteers of all ages, and build a foundation for future leadership.


The 2017 JCC Maccabi Games in Birmingham will require the guiding hands of over 1,000 volunteers. From administration to athletics – and everything in between – there are opportunities that fit your interest and talent. Whether you volunteer during the week of the Games, or in a role leading up to the event, the time is now to raise your hand.

We cannot do it alone, nor would we want to. Invest in the Games with your time and talent, and along with the entire community, help build an experience that will be remembered for years to come.


2017 JCC Maccabi Games Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteers must be at be at least 17 years of age for daytime activities and 21 years of age for evening events.

Prior to the event, the Registration Committee, in conjunction with the local delegation heads, will work on registering all local athletes, coaches, and chaperones. This committee will also assist the housing and volunteer committee with the registration of local volunteers and host families. Additionally, this committee, in conjunction with the Games administrative staff, will be responsible for registering VIPs, visiting spectators (after the national deadline date), and local spectators. During the weeks leading up to the Games, registration volunteers will assemble credentials, packets, etc. and assist the hospitality committee getting goodie bags ready for visiting delegations. On arrival day, these volunteers will assist the arrivals/departures committee by providing general information/directions, etc.

This committee will provide “ambassadors” to greet te numerous visiting delegations at the airport(s). The volunteers should meet the Delegation Head and assigned bus at the HUB site, ride to the airport to meet a delegation (or delegations), escort the group (or groups) to the luggage pick-up area and ride the bus back to the J, answering whatever questions may come up, and if applicable, show the orientation video. These volunteers may remain with the delegation until the host families pick up their athletes from the HUB site.

Food servers will assist with crowd control, replenishing supplies and food, as well as light cleanup at the HUB each day. These volunteers need to be cheerful and helpful to all of the visiting guest and local participants.

Transportation volunteers are needed to help move the athletes around and answer their questions. They need to become familiar with the Games transportation system to help the athletes get to their destinations. Particularly, these volunteers are needed early in the morning for the initial athlete and dispersal, ad in the late afternoon/early evening for the mass group transit to the evening social activities. These volunteers may also be needed to assist with athlete flow at the JC Cares program (if going off-site) and for athlete dispersal and pick up at the conclusion of the evening social activities. Volunteers will be riding busses as bus captains to and from evening events. As bus captains they will be giving directions to their bus on the way to events.

Assist Airport Greeters coordinate between the arrivals Committee and arriving delegations with the loading of the buses and the transport back to the HUB on arrival day.

Monitor traffic control and direct traffic at specified venues, as needed. Direct incoming buses to drop-off point at the JCC for athletes and luggage on arrival day and after evening social activities, if applicable.

Assist with the organizing and monitoring visiting delegation “behind the scenes” before their entrance into the Ceremonies. Assist with miscellaneous activities for Opening Ceremonies as needed. Ushers: assist with seating guest and VIPs. Volunteers will also need to assist in directing spectators on where to go for Opening Ceremonies.

Assist with office duties (printing of lost credentials, making copies, phone calling, filing, giving directions, general communication, etc.).

Direct VIP guest to VIP Reception and then to Opening Ceremonies. Register VIP guest, distribute badges/credentials.

Greet you assigned delegation upon their arrival to the HUB. Assist throughout the orientation/arrival process. Help host families pick up their visiting athletes.

Assist delegation with departures from the JCC.


Assist videographer when needed. Compile videographer’s schedule and coordinate with Webcasting volunteers.



Help take pictures throughout the week.


Media Sponsors

Assist when necessary, especially during Opening Ceremonies and Closing Party.


Press Room

Record all phone calls. Assist with daily news letter production. Update website daily.



Assist in the implementation of banners and signs at the venues. Post and remove signs when necessary.


Score Reporting (see Sports Specific Area)

Assist with the score reporting process to ensure accuracy.


JCC Cares

Serve as facility coordinator/organizer as needed. Assist with athlete activities. Assist with athlete traffic flow as needed. Distribute, monitor, and return specific supplies.


Hangtime Room

Assist Schlichim with Hangtime activities. Supervise athletes to ensure proper behavior and adherence to policies. Monitor snack and beverage supplies. Answer general questions athletes may have.

Hospitality Coordinator

Greet visiting families. Hand out welcome bags to visiting families (if applicable). Answer any questions that JCC Maccabi visitors have regarding JCC Maccabi Games or about local restaraunts, attractions, etc.


Maccabi Check-In/Information Areas

Depending on the venue, volunteer responsibilities will vary:

  • At the hotel(s) for visiting families – and information table for Games visiting spectators should be staffed especially on arrival day and Monday/Tuesday of the event. Games schedules, venue directions, general information on the Host Community, etc. should be available.
  • At the athletic venues – an easily identifiable volunteer check-in area where volunteers can receive their instructions from a volunteer shift supervisor or Venue Assistant. Credentialed Games participants may be able to obtain snacks and beverages from this location.
  • At the athletic venues – an official check-in and score reporting area (typically tented for outdoor sports) staffed by a Venue Director, Venue Assistant, Sports Commissioner(s), etc.

Monitor snacks and beverage availability for athletes, and coaches. Check-in volunteers and give instructions. Assist Venue Director as needed.

For each evening event, volunteers are needed to do a variety of task, from serving dinner (if applicable), to helping run some of the stations (if applicable), to general supervision of athletes. Duties may vary from evening to evening.

  • Meet busses, greet athletes/artist and give directions to different activities.
  • Assist safety & security with monitoring of athlete/artist luggage in storage areas.
  • May need to organize games and activities at the events.
  • Monitor food and drink at the event.
  • Monitor athlete/artist behavior.

Responsible for safety/security of athletes/artist luggage on arrival day, at Opening Ceremonies (for late arriving delegations), during lunch periods and during evening events. Responsible for securing facility perimeters at all evening events. Monitor athlete behavior during daytime competitions and evening events.

Be available at each event to assist sick or injured athletes or assist in emergency situations. Area will be staffed by trained/qualified volunteers.

Ensure ice and water supplies stay stocked each day at venues and that drinks and snacks are available to games participants.


  • Assist with scoring
  • Bat boy/recover foul balls


  • Assist with scorekeeping and/or timing (prior experience required)

Flag Football

  • Ball boy/assist on field with loose balls


  • Assist with scoring
  • Ball boy/assist on field with loose balls


  • Runner: Collect times after each event and bring to official scorers {1-2}
  • Record and compile race results (professional skills required)
  • Scratch Table workers {1-2}
  • Drop false start rope {2}
  • Use hand-held timer for swimming events {16}


  • Assist with scoring
  • Assist with score reports


  • Assist with scoring
  • Assist as line judges (as needed)


  • Assist in running stage rehearsal, and warm ups
  • Assist judges during competition

Score Reporting

  • Assist with recording sports results at Maccabi Central or other specific location to ensure accuracy (detail-oriented and strong computer skills required)

For more information about volunteering please contact Kathryn Pautler at kpautler@bhamjcc.org, Monika Singletary at monika@bhamjcc.org, or Dan Tourtellotte at dt@bhamjcc.org.


Volunteer FAQ

Yes, all volunteers must be 17 or older for daytime shifts and 21 or older to volunteer for evening events.

There are many ways to volunteer for the Games.  Some volunteer opportunities include:

  • Serving Meals
  • Coordinating Community Service Projects
  • Scorekeeping
  • Bus Captains
  • Evening Event Chaperones
  • Hospitality Greets

Click the volunteer box on the right and fill out the quick form and we will contact you about your area of interest.


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Contact Spencer Lynch at spencer@bhamjcc.org for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

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Contact Spencer Lynch at spencer@bhamjcc.org for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to volunteer?
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Contact Spencer Lynch at spencer@bhamjcc.org for more information or to answer any questions you may have.